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Fruit Flavors
Mucho Mango Blend of Mango, Peach, Pineapple, & Papaya 60ml $19.99
Them Apples Crisp Red Fuji Apple 60ml $19.99
Blood Orange Blood Orange, Vanilla, & Fig 60ml $19.99
Oregon Blackberry Just Fresh Sweet Blackberries 60ml $19.99
Tropic King Tropical Fruit Smoothie 60ml $19.99
Black Forrest Forrest Fruit Smoothie 60ml $19.99
Strawnana Smoothie Strawberry Banana Smoothie 60ml $19.99
Naked – Hawaiian Pog Exotic Blend of Passion Fruit, Orange, & Guavas 60ml $19.99
Naked – Really Berry Blueberries, Blackberries, Topped with Lemon Sugar 60ml $19.99
Naked – Lava Flow Fresh Strawberries blended with Coconut & Pineapple 60ml $19.99
Pacha Mama – Huckleberry Pear Acai Blend of Crisp Pears & Sweet yet Tart Acai Berry 60ml $19.99
Pacha Mama – Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine Fuji Apples, Strawberries, and Sweet Nectarine 60ml $19.99
Pacha Mama – Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu Tangy Passion Fruit with Tart Raspberries & Citric Yuzu 60ml $19.99
Aqua – Flow Sweet Pineapple, Juicy Mango, & a Hint of Guava 60ml $19.99
Aqua – Mist Tart Green Apples, Sweet Peaches, & Tangy Kiwi 60ml $19.99
Aqua – Oasis Juicy Peaches, Crisp Cantaloupe, & Sweet Papaya 60ml $19.99
Aqua – Pure Sweet Strawberries, Crisp Apples, & Cool Watermelon 60ml $19.99
Loyalty – Watamango Blissfully Blended Watermelon & Mango 60ml $19.99
Loyalty – Ki Berry Exotic Mix of Juicy Kiwi with Fresh Strawberries 60ml $19.99
Primus – Honey Viper Red Apple, Ripe Mango, Juicy Pear, Orange, & Sweet Honey 100ml $26.99
Primus – Prickley Pear Prickley Pear, Ripe Watermelon, & Light Dragon Fruit 100ml $26.99
Coastal Clouds – Blood Orange Mango Snow Cone Tangy Mango, Blood Orange, Tart Lemon, & Zesty Lime 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Mango Berries Tropical Mango Blended with Splashes of Strawberries 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Passion Fruit Orange Guava Blend of Passion Fruit, Orange, & Guava 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Apple Peach Strawberry Deliciously Blended Apples, Peaches, & Strawberries 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Sugared Nectarine Fresh Picked & Sugar Sweet Nectarines 60ml $19.99
Juice Head Blueberry Lemon Fresh Blueberries With Hints of Lemon 100ml $26.99
Juice Head Blueberry Lemon Freeze Fresh Blueberries With of Lemon & Menthol 100ml $26.99
Juice Head Peach Pear Combinations of Peaches & Pears 100ml $26.99
Juice Head Peach Pear Freeze Combinations of Peaches & Pears w/ Menthol 100ml $26.99
Juice Head Strawberry Kiwi Mixed Strawberries & Kiwis 100ml $26.99
Juice Head Strawberry Kiwi Freeze Mixed Strawberries & Kiwis w/ Menthol 100ml $26.99
Candy Fruits
Green Apple Green Apple Hard Candy 60ml $19.99
Rainbow Sour Sweet & Tart Candy With Extra Sour 60ml $19.99
Red Head Sour Strawberry Candy 60ml $19.99
Gummy Snakes Sour Gummy Candy 60ml $19.99
Buba Gum Watermelon Bubblegum 60ml $19.99
Sweet Jane Fruit Candy, Tahitian Lime, Vanilla 60ml $19.99
Carnival Mixed Berry Cotton Candy 60ml $19.99
Noms – Watanomenon Classic Watermelon Hard Candy 120ml $29.99
Noms – Grapenomenon Sweet & Sour Grape Hard Candy 120ml $29.99
Noms – Stranomenon Old Fashioned Strawberry Candy 120ml $29.99
Noms – Lemonomenon Sweet Lemon Wrapped In Tart Candy Shell 120ml $29.99
Noms – Blunomenon Blue Raspberry Hard Candy 120ml $29.99
Noms – Phenomenon White Grape, Apple, Mint 120ml $29.99
NomX2 – White Peach Raspberry White Peach & Rapsberry Candy 120ml $29.99
NomX2 – Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine Kiwis Blended with Passion Fruits & Nectarines 120ml $29.99
NomX2 – Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin Cactus Jackfruit With Mandarin Oranges 120ml $29.99
Alt Zero – Just Yellows Burst Of Your Favorite Yellow Flavored Fruit Candies 100ml $26.99
Alt Zero – Just Red Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry, & Fruit Punch 100ml $26.99
Alt Zero – Just Blues Blueberries & Raspberries Bursting To Make Sour Blu Raz 100ml $26.99
Aqua – Rainbow Drops Candy Strawberry, Grape, Green Apple, Orange, & Lemon 60ml $19.99
Aqua – Sour Melon Sour Watermelon Candy 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Melon Berries Candy Melon Slices Oozing With Juicy Nectarine 60ml $19.99
Drink Flavors
Grape Soda Grape Soda 60ml $19.99
Palisade Poolside Peach Margarita 60ml $19.99
Blu Raz Lemonade Blue Raspberry Lemonade 60ml $19.99
Tropical Tea White Tea, Passion Fruit, & Citrus 60ml $19.99
Southern Sweet Tea Sweet Tea With Lemon 60ml $19.99
Graceland Strawberry, Green Apple, Pink Champagne 60ml $19.99
Chai Tea Latte Black Tea, Spices, Steamed Milk 60ml $19.99
Chocolate Milk Stout Chocolate Malt Ice Cream 60ml $19.99
Lebowski Mexican Liquor, Vodka, Cream 60ml $19.99
Earl Grey Spearmint Earl Grey Tea With Mint 60ml $19.99
Great Scott Strawberry, Apricot Punch 60ml $19.99
Loyalty – Double Shot Finely Brewed French Vanilla Coffee 60ml $19.99
TWST – Peach Blossum Blend Of Fresh Peaches & Lemonade 60ml $19.99
TWST – Wild Watermelon Lemonade Watermelon Infused Lemonade 60ml $19.99
TWST – Pink Punch Lemonade Old Fashioned Pink Lemonade 60ml $19.99
TWST – Strawberry Crush Lemonade Great Blend Of Strawberries & Lemonade 60ml $19.99
TWST – Tropical Punch Delicious Blend Of Exotic Fruits 60ml $19.99
TWST – Honeydew Melon Chew Combinations of Honeydews & Melon Punch 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Guava Punch Mango, Pineapple, & Guava Punch 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Pink Lemonade Awesome Blend of Classic Pink Lemonade 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Blueberry Limeade Classic Limeade Mixed With Fresh Blueberries 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Strawberry Daiquiri Coconut, Pineapple, Strawberry…Classic Drink. 60ml $19.99
7 Licks Strawberry Vanilla Custard 60ml $19.99
Triple Berry Mixed Berry Ice Cream 60ml $19.99
Raz Orange Cream Raspberry Orange Sherbert 60ml $19.99
Cookies & Cream Chocolate Cookies & Ice Cream 60ml $19.99
Oasis Salted Caramel Ice Cream 60ml $19.99
Vanilla White Vanilla Ice Cream & Malt 60ml $19.99
Just The Fax Vanilla Custard, Caramel, Bourbon 60ml $19.99
Pralines & Cream Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel, Pecan 60ml $19.99
Vapetasia – Killer Kustard Classic Vanilla Custard 100ml $26.99
Vapetasia – Killer Kustard Blueberry Vanilla Custard With A Blueberry Twist 100ml $26.99
Vapetasia – Milk Of The Poppy Like Quic Strawberry Milk 100ml $26.99
Crumbz – Yogurt Pear Parfait Crisp Ripe Pears, Sweet Coconut Cream, & Honeydew 60ml $19.99
Crumbz – Strawberry Shortcake A Delicious Strawberry Short Cake 60ml $19.99
Krma – Lady Luck Cantaloupe & Vanilla Cream 80ml $23.99
Krma – Nana Batter Fresh Bananas With A Creamy Cake 80ml $23.99
Paradigm – Nilla Killa Vanilla Ice Cream Wafer 60ml $19.99
Paradigm – Mars Perfect Strawberry Custard 60ml $19.99
Loyalty – Berry Cake A Creamy Cake Filled With Berries 60ml $19.99
Cereal Flavors
Crumbz – Flakey French Delicious Bowl Of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal 60ml $19.99
Krunch Crunch Berry Cereal 60ml $19.99
Fruit Loops Fruity Cereal 60ml $19.99
Psychotic Robot Fruit Cereal, Yellow Cake, White Icing 60ml $19.99
Looped Frootz Fruity Cereal, Strawberry, Vanilla Custard 60ml $19.99
Charmed Marshmellow Cereal & Milk 60ml $19.99
Donut Flakes Cereal & Donuts 60ml $19.99
Desert Flavors
We Be Yammin Candied Yams With Toasted Marshmellow 60ml $19.99
White Chocolate Smores Marshmellow, White Chocolate, Graham Cracker 60ml $19.99
Key Lime Pie Meringue, Key Lime, Graham Cracker 60ml $19.99
Dutchess French Vanilla Apple Pie Cheesecake 60ml $19.99
Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry & Shortcake 60ml $19.99
Lemon Bar Doughy Cookie Batter & Zesty Lemon 60ml $19.99
Maple Nut Cookies Maple Nut Cookie 60ml $19.99
Grandmas’s Kisses Raspberry Cream Tart 60ml $19.99
Breakfast Blueberry Waffles With Syrup 60ml $19.99
Decadence Wild Blueberry Cheesecake 60ml $19.99
Fluffernutter Peanut Butter Marshmellow Fluff Sandwhich 60ml $19.99
Primus – Smackaroon Ripe Blueberries, Buttery Vanilla Macaroons, Butter Cream 120ml $29.99
Tailored House – Honey Crunch Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Honey, & Graham Crackers 100ml $26.99
Gost – Golden Maple Buttermilk Pancakes Drenched In Golden Maple Syrup 100ml $26.99
Gost – Strawberry Glaze Buttermilk Pancakes Topped With Strawberries & Syrup 100ml $26.99
Krma – Carolina Cookie Snickerdoodle Vanilla Ice Cream 80ml $26.99
Cookie Twist – Frosted Sugar Cookie Cake Like Confection Topped With Vanilla Frosting 60ml $19.99
Cookie Twist – Straw Honey Graham Strawberry Jam, Graham Crackers, & Honey 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Lemon Meringue Pie Tart & Sweet Lemon Meringue Pie 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Blueberry Banana Muffin Delicious Blueberry Banana Muffin 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Maple Butter Warm & Sweet Maple Syrup Pancakes 60ml $19.99
Country Clouds – Corn Bread Puddin Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Maple 100ml $26.99
Country Clouds – Strawberry Corn Bread Puddin Strawberry Sauce Drizzled on Cornbread Puddin 100ml $26.99
Country Clouds – Blueberry Corn Bread Pudding Blueberry Sauce Drizzled on Corn Bread Puddin 100ml $26.99
Sadboy – Shamrock Cookie Thin Mint Cookie Milkshake 100ml $26.99
Sadboy – Custard Cookie Vanilla Custard & Fresh Cookies 100ml $26.99
Sadboy – Strawberry Jam Cookie Soft Butter Cookie & Strawberry Jam Center 100ml $26.99
Sadboy – Butter Cookie Delicious Sugary Butter Cookies 100ml $26.99
Sadboy – Key Lime Cookie Freshly Baked Key Lime Pie 100ml $26.99
Sadboy Blueberry Jam Cookie – Soft butter cookie & blueberry jam center – 100ml 100ml $26.99
Minty Flavors
Menthol Menthol Crystals 60ml $19.99
Jungle Juice Dragon Fruit, Watermelon, Iced Punch 60ml $19.99
Mucho Mango On Ice Chilled Mango, Peach, Pineapple, & Papaya 60ml $19.99
Apples On Ice Chilled Crisp Fuji Apple 60ml $19.99
Triple Berry On Ice Chilled Mixed Berry Ice Cream 60ml $19.99
Naked – Polar Breeze Honeydew, Pineapple, & Cantaloupe With Menthol 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Blood Orange Mango Snowcone Tangy Mango, Tart Lemon, Zesty Lime With Menthol 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Grape Berries Iced Blend Of Grapes & Different Berries With Menthol 60ml $19.99
Coastal Clouds – Melon Berries Iced Blend Of Different Melons With A Touch Of Mint 60ml $19.99
Tobacco Flavors
Coumarin Pipe Tobacco Vanilla Pipe Tobacco 60ml $19.99
Black Honey Tobacco Sweet Black Honey Tobacco 60ml $19.99
Cohiba Tobacco Cigar 60ml $19.99
Dunhill Tobacco Cigarette Rich 60ml $19.99
Real Cig Tobacco Cigarette 60ml $19.99
Turkish Tobacco Turkish Tobacco Cigarette 60ml $19.99
Western Tobacco Western Tobacco 60ml $19.99